A woman’s name change rights upon being widowed

Posted by legaldeedpolls

A woman has the right to revert back to her original surname upon being widowed and can do so without a deed poll. All she will need is her husband’s death certificate and her marriage certificate (showing her maiden name).

The majority of organisations will accept the above certificates as proof and will change their records accordingly.

If for any reason they do not take the above as proof then a deed poll will be required and are always accepted as proof of name change.

However, if she wishes to change her name to anything other than her maiden name then a deed poll will be required.

Common examples of possible names change situations include: changing their name to something completely new, merging or double barreling both surnames, or adding/changing their middle name.

All of the above options would require a deed poll and are also applicable to men & civil partners who have been widowed and wish to change their name.

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