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Do You Require A Replacement Deed Poll?

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Lost Deed Poll Service

Have you lost your deed poll and need a replacement? We can help you!

We can replace your lost deed poll within 1-2 working days using our online order form. This service comes at just £19.99.

As there is no official deed poll register, unless your previous deed poll was with us then will not have a record of this.

However, you are still able to order a replacement deed poll with us via our online application form.

How to order a replacement deed poll?

To get the process started you will need to select the replacement deed poll service from our website and fill in the required fields on the order form.

Due to ordering a replacement deed poll ensure that when filling out our order form you enter your current name as your new name.

This application contains an additional declaration, which states that you have been using your current name since the date in which you originally changed it.

You will then be able to use this replacement deed poll as your proof of name change evidence, this will be accepted by all authorities and will be recognised by all.

It does not matter if your previous deed poll was with us or another deed poll provider. We are able to issue a replacement deed poll to everyone who needs it.

Official Deed Polls

If you require any further help then please get in contact with us today! One of our paralegals will be more than happy to help answer any questions you may have.

Email: [email protected]

Alternatively, check out our FAQ’s, we have published some of the main questions we get asked on a daily basis to help you get the answers you require as easily as possible.