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A couple’s name change rights upon a civil partnership

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There are no legal requirements for either party to change their name upon marriage or civil partnership. However, more often than not, a couple will choose to take the other’s surname.

As with marriage, you can take your partners surname when entering a civil partnership. All you will need to do is have proof, which in this case, will be your civil partnership certificate. You will then send this off to all required authorities to notify them.

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In what circumstances will you require a deed poll?

If you and your partner want to create a new surname, perhaps merging/double-barrelling both surnames, you will require a deed poll to do so.

Another common alternative couples choose to take is for both parties to take one surname and used the dropped surname as both parties new and /or additional middle name.

If this is something that you wish to do after entering a civil partnership then you will require a deed poll.

A third option could be to create a completely new surname for you both. Perhaps you can’t choose who names to take or you have a memorable moment in your relationship that you would like to turn into a surname for you both.

Again, this option would require you both to change your name via deed poll.

If you require a deed poll, when should you apply for one?

This is a really important question and is often overlooked when applying. Many couples wish to travel abroad on honeymoon soon after their civil partnership.

If this is the case, you will have issues actioning your passport in time. Which leaves you with two option:

  • apply for your deed poll, have it delivered and sign it on the day of your civil partnership but hold off actioning it until you are back from your holiday.
  • hold off and wait to apply for your deed poll until after your trip abroad.

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