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Enrolling a Deed Poll

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What’s the difference between a deed poll and an enrolled deed poll?

There is actually no official registration of name changes in the UK. Your deed poll is not actually registered anywhere unless you choose to enrol it.

This means it is lodged for safe keeping in the enrolment books of the supreme court of judicature.

What does enrolling a deed poll mean?

Enrolling your deed poll simply means making your name change public. It provides a public record of your name change and the details of yourself at that present time.

Deed polls that have been enrolled at the royal court of justice in London on remain there for 5 years. After this period they are transferred to the national archives in Surrey.

Enrolment of a deed poll is a voluntary process and is not one that is required to make a name change legal.

Why would you enrol a deed poll?

It’s reported that on average 1 in 200 deed polls are enrolled. The majority of people changing their name via deed poll choose not to enrol it due to added fees, time and complexity.

Those that do wish to enrol their name change may do so to make it public to all.


There is no real benefit to enrolling your deed poll, apart from it being made a public record.

A deed poll provides the exact same service as an enrolled deed poll, which is why they are so unpopular.


There are many disadvantages to enrolling a deed poll which is why it is so unpopular.

• Very complex process
• Costs much more than a deed poll document.
• Takes much longer for it to become official
• The process is very lengthy
• An unnecessary process.

Applying for an enrolled deed poll

If you would like to enrol your deed poll then you will need to make contact with the Royal Courts of Justice.

If you would like some more information then the gov website has everything you need to know.

Our deed polls

Deed polls are extremely popular, over 50,000 people change their name each year.

The majority of these will never be enrolled, you do not need an enrolled deed poll and there is no difference between them other than one being on public record, which has minimal advantages.

We help thousands change their name, and have been doing so for the past 15 years.

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