A Women’s Name Change Rights Upon Divorce

Posted by legaldeedpolls

When a woman completes the divorce process and wishes to revert back to her maiden name, she has two options. She can either change her name via deed poll or use her marriage certificate and decree absolute.

Which option is best?

Many organisations will accept a marriage certificate and decree absolute as proof of name change however, official bodies such as banks, and other financial departments will more often than not refuse these as evidence.

Therefore a deed poll is always the best option and is industry recognised and approved.

What happens if I want to change my name completely?

A marriage certificate and decree absolute will only allow you to revert back to your maiden name, and as previously stated, only with certain organisations.

If you wish to change your name to something other then your maiden name you will require a deed poll. You can change any part of your name, including first, middle and last name to whatever you want with a deed poll.

How do I change my title?

If you wish to change your title from Mrs to Miss or Ms etc. then you can also do this via your deed poll. Just be sure to select the option you require when checking out.

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