How much does a name change by deed poll cost?

Posted by legaldeedpolls

Typing in the phrase “name change by deed poll cost”, into Google will bring up a huge range of websites dedicated to changing your name by deed poll and indeed a multimillion pound industry has been created since the advent of the word wide web to help you do this.

The most expensive of deed poll websites will charge you £33.00 to produce an elegant document on the finest paper, and charge you £5.00 for each additional certified copy you may need.

At the bottom end is the free deed poll services that run a simple script to enable you to print out your own at home, and rely on advertising revenue to support their endeavours.

This website, Official-DeedPolls.co.uk charges £8.99 including vat + £2.00 for certified copies, because we saw a gap in the market. In order to change your name you do not need to have a document that resembles a work of heraldic art on the finest paper, but on the other hand people want something that they can take pride in and also know it will be accepted when they send it off to the passport agency or the DVLA.

Our deed polls are produced on quality paper and are formatted correctly. We have been compared to Ryan Air but with no disrespect the them we would rather compare ourselves to Virgin, in that the service we offer is off a high quality but at a lower cost because we have done all the hard work with technology to ensure that our documents are produced accurately and quickly.

We offer longer operating hours, phone, e-mail and live chat support and a constantly updated FAQ section, which is based on the questions asked by real customers every day of the week.