Who can act as a witness when I execute (sign) my deed poll?

Posted by legaldeedpolls

This is a common question we are receiving on a daily basis. People seem to be under the misapprehension that a deed poll has to be witnessed by a professional person such as a Solicitor or Doctor, once it has been executed.

This stems from people applying for passports where the passport agency give a list of approved person that can sign the photograph and act as a counter signatory to the passport application.

Who can act as a witness when I execute my deed poll?

Anyone can witness the execution (signature) of your deed poll as long as they are not members of your immediate family.

We find that a work colleague is sometimes the easiest person to ask, as you see them nearly every day of the week. Don’t forget that they will need to supply their full name, address and also their occupation as well as their signature. They must also be in your presence when you sign the deed poll. You cannot sign the document and then ask them to witness your signature as that would make the deed poll invalid, as the deed has not been executed correctly.

Once you have signed, in the presence of your witness and they have given you their name, address and occupation, you can proceed to date the deed poll. This is the date that your name has officially changed and from that moment on you may use your name and send certified copies to the various agencies that will require proof of your name change.