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When can’t you change your name via deed poll?

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Can anyone change their name via deed poll?

In the UK there are very few restrictions when it comes to changing your name. However, in some circumstances you may not be legally able to or, you may need to legally notify a few people in certain circumstances.

Age restrictions

You must be over the age of 16+ to legally be able to change your name via deed poll yourself. If you wish to change your name before then, then you will need to obtain parental consent for everyone who holds parental responsibility for you.

If you are over the age of 16 or have the consent of your parents then you will be able to change your full name if you wish.

Mental capacity

You must have the mental capacity when executing your deed poll otherwise it may be invalid.

Having the mental capacity means that you completely understand what you are doing and what is expected of you. You must be able to make the decision on your own and not be influenced or impaired by others.

Everyone has the mental capacity to change their name unless proven otherwise.

You will be unable to change your name via deed poll if…

1. You do not understand the decision you are making
2. You are unable to retain information
3. You are unable to understand the consequences
4. You cannot communicate your decision.

Un-discharged bankrupt or subject to a Debt Relief Order

If you are un-discharged bankrupt or subject to a debt relief order then you are able to change your name via deed poll however, you will need to notify 2 people

1. You will need to notify your official receiver
2. If/when carrying out business in your new name, you must tell them the name in which you went bankrupt.

Criminal proceedings against you/ Have a criminal record

If you are currently undergoing criminal proceeding then you will need to notify the police of your name change immediately.

If you have a previous criminal record then you must notify the relevant departments.

Official Deed Polls

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