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Adoption- Deed poll

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Deed poll- Rights upon adoption

A child who has been legally adopted does not require a deed poll to change their surname.

This is because the adoption certificate provides the documentary evidence that is needed to change to the adoptive families surname.

This will be recognised by all government departments, organisations and companies.

However, if you would like to change your child’s first name or middle name then you will need a deed poll.

If you wish to change your adoptive child’s first or middle name then the process is the exact same as any other child. You will need all adults who hold parental responsibility for the child to consent to the name change before being able to go forward.

Check out our blog post on the restrictions of changing a child’s name to find out more.

Why may a parent wish to change their adoptive child’s name?

Here are many reasons why a parent may wish to change their adoptive child’s name.

The child may want to change their name themselves, starting a new life with a new identity can be very beneficial to some.

A parent may take the step due to the safety of the child. Changing a child’s name completely can reduce the risks the child may face from their previous lives.

Whatever the reason, they are your child and you have the right to change their name if you wish.

It’s important to remember to talk to your child about the situation before, during and after the name change process to ensure they fully understand what’s happening and make sure they are happy with it; after all, it will be their name for the foreseeable future.

Official Deed Polls

If you have taken the decision to change your child’s full name then we can help you.

We have been drafting deed polls for over 15 years and are well experienced in doing so.

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