Changing your name by deed poll can have consequences

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Changing your name by deed poll can have consequences as a father-of-seven has been jailed after claiming more than £120,000 in housing benefit to pay the rent on a house he already owned.

When Teresa Belton-Martin, 34, and Abrar Abbasi, 32, moved into his property in Belle Vue Road, Walthamstow in December 2005, Ms Belton-Martin failed to declare that she was living with her ‘landlord’ as husband and wife.

Mr Abbasi disguised his identity by changing his name by deed poll, and then changed the name on the title deeds and mortgage to ‘Abdullah Khan, to whom the housing benefit was paid.

He then transferred the property and the mortgage to his sister, Asia Ahmed, 31, and told Waltham Forest Council that she was the new landlord.

Finally he took back the mortgage, transferring it into the name Abrar Khan.

Ms Belton-Martin also claimed an additional discretionary housing payment between January 2006 and February 2007, on the grounds of her children’s needs.

All three pleaded guilty and were sentenced at Snaresbrook Crown Court recently.

Abbasi was jailed for 18 months – a sentence to be served consecutively with a current sentence he is serving.

Changing your name by deed poll for fraudulent reasons will have consequences as Mr Abbassi found out to his cost.

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