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Deed poll- Is it legal?

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Is changing your name via deed poll legal?

Many individuals unofficially change their name but to be legally known by that preferred name you have to change your name by deed poll.

What is a deed poll?

A deed poll is a legal document that proves a change of name and is recognised by all UK Government Departments and UK organisations and companies.

The document consists of 3 main legalities that you will abide by, these are as follows:

  1. You will abandon your former name
  2. You will use your new name only at all times going forward
  3. You will be addressed by your new name only

Why do you need a deed poll to legally change your name?

If you wish to change your name completely, simply telling friends and family to call you by your preferred name is not enough.

If you want your preferred name to appear on official documentation like your bank account, driving licence, passport etc. then you will need to provide legal documentary evidence of your name change.

You do not need a deed poll if you want to change your name after marriage, your marriage certificate will be enough.

Similarly, if you want to revert back to your maiden name after divorce your decree absolute will act as your supporting evidence.


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