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Do I need a Deed Poll?

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Official deed polls- Who needs a deed poll?

When can you change your name without a deed poll?

Many individuals decided to change their name, but documentary evidence is needed to make any name change official.

Documentary evidence can come in many different forms including a marriage certificate, divorce certificate, adoption certificate and a deed poll.

Some of this evidence comes naturally, for example, you will receive a marriage certificate when you get married, which will allow you to legally change your surname or title to your partners.

If you want to revert back to your maiden name after a divorce then your decree absolute will act as your documentary evidence. No other proof is required.

Similarly, if you would like to change your name after being widowed then you husbands death certificate along with your marriage certificate (states your maiden name) will be your documentary evidence to revert back to your maiden name.

However, if after getting divorced or widowed you wish to change your surname or full name completely appose to reverting back to your maiden name then you will require a deed poll.

When adopting a child a family may wish to change their child’s name. This can be for many reasons, some make the change so their family can become a solid unit, another could be for safety reasons.

You do not require a Deed Poll to change your adoptive child’s surname, the adoptive birth certificate will act as your documentary evidence .

When do you need a deed poll?

If you would like to change your name for any other reason than above then you will require a deed poll.

Other reasons could include a recent separation, fancying a change, wanting to identify as a different gender etc.

Whatever the reason it is your right to change your name if you’re over the age of 16 or have parental consent.

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