Do I need to send my deed poll back to you after I have executed it?

Posted by legaldeedpolls

Do I need to send my change of name deed back to you after I have executed it?

No, you do not need to return your deed poll back to us once you have signed it, had it witnessed and dated the document. Once the deed poll has been executed, you can start to send the certified copies to the various agencies you need to inform of your name change.

We will keep an electronic copy of your unsigned deed poll for 2 years from the date that you purchased it, so if you run out of certified copies, or lose the original deed poll, we will have one on file for you to use, free of charge.

If you find that after two years, you have lost your deed poll, you can apply for replacement deed poll that will refer to your original deed poll. Of course we will have to charge you for this service, but at present this will be for the same price as an adult deed poll.

To ensure you remember the date of your original deed poll, we would advise that you scan your signed copy and keep it on a memory stick or save it to a cloud based storage service. Google Drive is a free service where you can store documents, or other media. However you will need to open an account with Google to use this service. Google drive works with pc’s laptops, tablets and smart phones. To sign up for a free Google account go here.