Man to consider changing his name by deed poll to defeat mighty Jaguar

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Car garage owner Alan Carr is to take on car manufacturer Jaguar which has ordered him to change the name of his business after claiming he is infringing their trademark for the word ” Jaguar”.

Mr Carr has run “Alan Carr Jaguar Services” for 14 years with out problems, but has been given a take down notice by the car manufacturers, now owned by Indian giant “Tata motors”

Mr Carr vowed to take on the company and is even considering changing his name by deed pollto Mr Alan Carr Jaguar Services in a bid to stop the motor giant.

Jaguar claims he has infringed its trademark and has told him to think of a neutral name.

Mr Carr, 52, said: ‘I have been running this business for years providing servicing for Jaguars because I love the car.

‘I am an enthusiast who has built up a business around his interest. It will never make me a fortune but I have a small number of clients who come to me by word of mouth and like what I do.

‘I have a website which uses my company name and I have had plastic business cards printed, which were not cheap, but I have never passed myself off as Jaguar.

‘And I have just invested in a new diagnostic system as used by main dealerships, which cost a lot of money, and then this hits me.’
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