Name Restrictions via Deed Poll

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Restrictions to be Aware of when Changing your Name

There are many reasons why you may wish to change your name, some have wanted a specific name all their life, others just fancy a change.

If you are looking to change your name via deed poll then it’s definitely worth checking the legal restrictions.

The UK, unlike many countries, have very few restrictions as to what you can change your name to but, there are still a few to take into consideration.

The regulations state that as long as you are not using the name change to upset, deceive, defraud or avoid justice, then we will be able to prepare a deed poll for you.

For example, we will not accept a name change if:

  • The chosen name promotes criminal activity
  • The chosen name promotes racial, sexual or religious intolerance
  • The chosen name ridicules people, groups, government departments, companies or organisations
  • The chosen name breaches an individual or companies intellectual property rights
  • The chosen name attempts to confirm a formal title or honour in order to commit fraud.

One other restriction that is in place is that the chosen name cannot include symbols or letters.

Other than the above restrictions you are able to add, change, and rearrange your name in any way you wish.

You can change your name at any time you wish and for whatever personal reason you have as long as it’s not for any fraudulent, criminal or deceptive purpose.

Fun or Amusing Names

Some people wish to change their name to something amusing, this is completely fine, just remember this name will be your official name and will be printed on all official documentation.

Although, there is no limit to the number of times an individual can change their name via deed poll so you are able to change it back if you wish.

HM Passport Office

The HM passport office has their own set of rules and regulations when it comes to name changes and has been known to refuse some name changes in the past.

The HM Passport office will not accept:

  • Names containing diacritical marks (accents, umlauts, etc.)
  • Names containing numbers
  • Vulgar, offensive or blasphemous names
  • Trademarks or copyrighted names
  • Other “unusual” names and changes made for a frivolous purpose

Please note the above restrictions only count when applying for a name change on your passport.

for more information check out the website, here you will find the full list of regulations and their reasonings behind it.


We put in place restrictions to ensure that the name you decided upon will be accepted by companies and organisations.

These restrictions are put in place to protect you against choosing a name that will cause offence or upset to others.

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