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Restrictions on changing a Child’s Name

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Regulations on changing a child’s name via deed poll

Children under the age of 16 require permission from their parents (if married) or those that hold parental responsibility for that child.

This post will tell you everything you need to know when it comes to changing your child’s name and how you can do it.

Reasons to change a child’s name?

There may be many reasons why a parent or child wishes to change their name via deed poll.

The majority of child deed polls we receive are due to a change in surname. Many wish to change it to their new family surname, some wish to change it to their mother’s maiden name and other wish to change it to something completely different.

A child deed poll service offers the exact same ability as an adult deed poll, you are able to change the first, middle or surname and add change or rearrange the name in any way you wish. It just requires the consent of those with parental responsibility.

Restrictions involved

Before we issue a deed poll for a child under the age of 16 we must see permission for all that hold parental responsibility for them.

A letter signed by parents and all with responsibility along with the child deed poll document will be a sufficient form of permission.

This letter will need to be worded correctly, if required.

Who has parental responsibility?

Parental responsibility means you have legal rights and responsibilities for a child.

A mother automatically has parental responsibility from birth however; a farther only has parental responsibility if they are married to the child’s mother or if they are listed on the child’s birth certificate.

What if the other parent will not consent?

If the other parent with parental responsibility will not consent to the change of name, you will need to apply to the court. You can obtain the form and further guidance from the UK government website.

How can we help?

Get in contact with us today if you wish to change yours or your child’s name via deed poll.

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