Should I order a duplicate deed poll when changing my name?

Posted by legaldeedpolls

We recommend that you order at least ten additional certified copies of your deed poll when you order with us.

The main reason is that you will not want to send your original deed poll out in the post each time you want to inform an organisation that you have changed your name. The risk of it getting lost in the post is just too high! So it is always worth getting additional certified copies of your deed poll when you order.

Ten certified copies should cover all the major people you need to inform such as the passport office, DVLA, DWP, Inland Revenue,  local authorities, mortgage company, bank, building society, work, TV licence and Insurance companies.

These copies are certified by us to be a true and accurate copy of the original and include our company stamp. All our documents are certified by Certified Paralegals who are members of The Institute of Paralegals whose members have authority to certify documents, such as passport applications.

If you do not order sufficient copies at the checkout, you can order more later but they are more expensive if you do it afterwards at £3.00 per copy instead of £2.00, so it makes sense to work out how many copies you need and order them when you first purchase.

Additional certified copies of your deed poll can be ordered at checkout for just £2.00.