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Do I need to Inform others of my Previous Name?

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Will I have to tell people that I have been known by another name in the past?

A deed poll states that you will abandon your previous name, only use your new name going forward and only be addressed by your new name.

However, you may still need to disclose the fact that you have changed your name.

When completing official documents you may notice a box that asks if you have ever been known by any other name. It may be a criminal offence to hide the fact you have previously been known by another name so it’s always best to declare it.

Though, in day-to-day life, you may not need to disclose it as long as it is not intended to defraud anyone.

When may you be asked to disclose your former name?

Here is a list of a few examples of when you may be asked to disclose your former name:

• When applying for credit you will be asked to supply any previous names you have been known by. (Only in the last 6 years)

• When applying for a DBS check, you’ll be asked to give every name you have ever been known by. If you do not declare your previous name(s) then you will be committing a criminal offence against the Police act.

• If you are subject to a Debt Relief Order or are an un-discharged bankrupt,  you will have to tell everyone you do business with the name in which you were made bankrupt.

Can my employer (or potential employer) ask me about my former name?

If when applying for the job, the employer asks for any names you may have been known by, then it’s in your best interests tell them. Non-discourse of facts such as these could lead to your instant dismissal.

Reasons why your employer may ask for your previous name(s):

• To complete your reference checks
• Ensure all employment history is correct
• Confirm your education you have informed them of
• Confirm any professional qualifications that you have declared.

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