Can I change my name on my birth certificate? – Help and advice on changing your name

Posted by legaldeedpolls

The question ” can I change my name on my birth certificate” is a very common one for people wanting to change their names from their birth name.

Generally, the names on a birth certificate cannot be changed, unless a mistake has been made and a correction is needed, for instance a misspelling, the father’s details are incorrect etc.

For instance, an adopted child will have tow certificates, their birth certificate and their adoption certificate, but their original name remains on their birth certificate for life, although their adoption certificate is their legal identity after the adoption has taken place.

As galling as it maybe, the birth certificate is who you were at the time of your birth, and unfortunately if you decide you do not want to be that person anymore in adulthood, the only thing you can do in the majority of cases, is to change your name by deed poll. The majority of people will only ever know you by your new name you have chosen and only a few uninterested officials will know that your real name on your birth certificate.

You cannot change your name on your birth certificate unless you have officially changed your gender after gender re-assignment surgery.

You can get a new short form birth certificate if you have changed gender and it has been officially recognised and this will have your new name on it. You can get more information on changing your gender here

Changing your name is generally done in the UK by deed poll and that deed is then supplied to people you want to know you have changed your name. After that has been done they have to abide by your wished to be known by your new name.