Are online change of name deeds legally binding in the UK?

Posted by legaldeedpolls

We often look at the search queries people are using on a day-to-day basis and a common one is, “Are online change of name deeds legally binding?”.

The answer is a resounding, yes of course they are, if they are completed in the correct format and executing properly.

A deed poll or change of name deed is just another form of deed, like a conveyance or a trust deed, and the key requirement for a deed is that it is formatted and executed in a precise way.

A deed poll traditionally was a deed that is executed in one part, by one party, having the edge polled or cut even, and includes simple grants and appointments.

These days, a deed poll indicated that a person wishes to be known by a new name from the date the deed is executed and witnessed by an independent person, i.e any one over the age of 18 and of sufficient mental capacity.

Once the deed has been executed, the person has changed their name and the deed is legally binding on the person who has changed their name, but also on persons to whom the deed is presented.