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Certified copies- who needs them?

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When ordering a deed poll you are asked how many certified copies you would like. A certified copy is a copy of the original deed poll with an endorsement to say it is a real copy of the official document.

Why do I need them?

When changing your name via deed poll you may ask why your deed poll document is not enough?

Once you have changed your name via deed poll you need to notify everyone of your name change. Each company, organisation and government department need to receive a certified copy of your name change to accept it.

This is why it’s so important to order certified copies of your deed poll. If you do not, many will not accept your new name.

How many should I order?

We recommend that you order 10 additional certified copies of your deed poll as there are many business and companies that you need to inform.

As there are many people you need to notify of your name change, you don’t want to send your original Deed Poll in the post in case it gets lost.

Below is a list of businesses/organisations you need to notify of your name change:

1. UK passport office
2. DVLA for driving licence
3. Local council for council tax and benefits
4. Department of work and pensions – for benefits
5. HM customs and revenue – for tax matters
6. Your place of work
7. Your bank or building society
8. Your pension provider
9. Your mortgage company
10. Credit card providers

How will I receive my certified copies?

We send all certified copies with your deed poll; these will be sent to you within 1-2 working days of your order.

Official deed polls

You will be asked how many certified copies you wish to receive when ordering your deed poll with us. Each copy is £2 and we recommend ordering 10 copies.

Both our deed poll and certified copies will be accepted by all companies, organisations and government departments. If one is refused please get in contact and we will resolve the issue with the relevant company.

If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to get in contact, one of our advisors would be more than happy to help!

Email today on [email protected] or use our live chat feature in the bottom right of our website.