How do you choose your new name if you are changing gender?

Posted by legaldeedpolls

How do you choose your new name if you are changing your gender?

Not only have you made the life changing decision to change your sex and have gone through the emotional and physical roller coaster that comes with gender re assignment surgery, you also have the problem of choosing an appropriate name to go with your new gender.

How does a Michael or a Kevin choose a girl’s name or a Sally or Olivia choose an appropriate masculine name that will fit their personality?

Do you respect your parents and make a subtle change, say from Charles to Charlie or go for a radical new identity? The psychological ramifications could be long lasting, so the decision you make needs to be well thought out as it will be with you for the rest of your life.

The BBC website has discussed this very dilemma in a thought provoking article that we thought we would share with our readers. You can read the article on BBC News here.